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Surviving Your Puppy

Awwww...a new puppy!! Along with the excitement of having a new puppy, and the wonderful smell of puppy breath, comes the chewing, potty training, whining, digging, and mouthy behaviors. This 60 minute in-home lesson has been developed to help you and your family adjust to your new family member. We will discuss the following areas and more.

House training
Crate training the easy way
Chewing on you and the kids
Eating the furniture, the rugs and everything else
Toys, which ones are best and which ones to avoid
Playing with your puppy the correct way
Foods, which one is right?
Keeping your puppy healthy and current with vaccinations
The importance of socialization
Discuss Puppy Imprinting and Training
...plus answer all your questions

This program also includes:

Unlimited telephone consultations for puppy information
Written information that I leave with each new puppy owner

You can reach Canine Behavior Speciaists Nashville at:

Phone: 615-776-9663
Toll Free: 888-901-BARK (2275)