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House Training

This is the #1 reason dogs end up in shelters. I have literally helped 1000's of people house train their puppies and adult dogs as well. In fact in all my years of training I have only seen 3 -4 dogs that we could not house train.

I have two programs to help. The first is a 1 lesson program where I guide you thru the house training process and give you a copy of my SPECIAL REPORT: 28 Days To A Potty Trained Dog.

The second program is 4 lessons so I can be with you weekly as we solve your dogs house training issues. This program also includes some obedience and behavior training to fit your needs, as well as the SPECIAL REPORT.

Don't wait any longer....solve your dogs house training problem today!


You can reach Canine Behavior Speciaists Nashville at:

Phone: 615-776-9663
Toll Free: 888-901-BARK (2275)